wassup guys! japonism fever noowww! wohoooo~
hello guys. had you watch japonism already???!!!! seriously this concert is AWESOME!!!
really worth waiting after waitng more than half a year x_x no performances that i dont like. i love them all! <3
and here I drop to sub 5 songs from japonism. these not my faves because i can't decided which my favorite XD
but i think these 5 songs have cute or amazing performances! Enjoy~~~~

1. Sakura - 144 mb

2. Miyabi Night - 98 mb
3. Make a Wish - 116 mb

4. Japonesque - 162 mb

5. Bolero - 107 mb

raw: YuukoANKLOVE @ wb
lyric/trans: [livejournal.com profile] yarukizero
timing/typset: me

Please do not reupload/share mega link anywhere!


my fave song on japonism is make a wish. but in this tour i love bolero because matsumiya! hahahaha! plus i reaaallyy looovee nino high notes on bolero <3
Current Music: Arashi-Bolero
Current Mood: hyper
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