Hello minna~ I'm back again with this two Daylight performances!!!
You know Daylight is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! The song, the dance, everything! >3<
Especially the camera angle. They are SO PERFECT! Bless for the camerameb because they are genius and make Arashi more more more awesome and handsome of course

Well... actually I wanna make this post after I'm done for I seek performance on shiyagare tonight. but I don't think I can upload tonight so, I will add and update for I seek perf on shiyagare later ;)
Update I seek perf on Shiyagare here!

ok then just go with the performances

[2015.05.19] VS Arashi - Daylight

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[2015.05.20] Music Station - Daylight

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as usual, Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!

love this so much! the angle so perfect and otp look so great together!!!!

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Ohayou gozaimasu! So yesterday before I sleep I was done subbing this and upload. Upload this after i wake up before I forget it
*even I'm surprise I can wake up SO early in weekend x_x

I seek @ Music Station 2016.05.13

raw KnH
lyric/translation [ profile] yarukizero
timing/typeset me
video resolution 1280 x 720
video size 115mb

Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!


Edit: I seek @ Shiyagare 2016.05.21

raw KnH
lyric/translation [ profile] yarukizero
timing/typeset me
video resolution 1280 x 720
video size 105mb


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28 February 2016 @ 02:47 am
yo! almost 3AM here can't sleep because i had too much sleep this afternoon lol
this fukkatsu love last performance this week! i've subbed the music station ver. too on my previous post.
i won't subbed vsa version because i think much of you already have.
no karaoke effect too because also lazy~
if yesterday nino was the one who got my spot. now is J!!!! so handsome and i love this hair

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force myself to sleep now. oyasumi~
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konbanwa~ sharing if anyone not watching yet the music station version :)
no karaoke efect because i'm too lazy
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Enjoy~ Happy weekend!
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finally this is the last part for SUPER Very best for LE A version!!!!
i already finish this last week actually but i just upload nauu
as usual, for the previous mission you can find on this post :)
and soon i also will do for B version later x3

more okada's complain lol

please do not share hotlink, reupload, repost, or make profit from this anywhere!

translation: [ profile] shikashitsuji
typeset/timing/etc: me
duration: 12:47
video size: 293mb
link download here!

thanks and enjoy. comments are pleased :)
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ohayou~!!! minna genki? :3
and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone~ /so late orz

this time finally mission 7 and 8 done!!! it's inocchi and okadacchi part >3<
it means all members completed! yay! only mission 9 and 10 left but dunno gonna continue or not since it's not my translation haha
for your previous missions you can check on the masterpost here

you know you must watch this part. im not bias to inocchi but he and okada really share great story here.
especially okadacchi you may wanna cry if watch his part ;___;

please do not share hotlink, reupload, repost, or make profit from this anywhere!

translation: [ profile] shikashitsuji
typset/timer/etc: me
duration: 16:38
video size: 365mb
download here!

thanks and enjoy! :)
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30 December 2015 @ 09:36 pm
konbanwa~ :3
getting excited for miyagi blast because this concert is cute, cool, and awesome!!! sasuga arashi
and i can't help myself for not subbing ohchan's solo, yess ohchan's solo is my fave here! x3
i love Two! i know J is the most fab in here but still... i love ohchan's solo moreee hhahaha
and gomen ne nino baby. i love your solo too. but i'm melting of ohchan's voice ;__;

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yo minna~ drop a while in here just for sharing :3

Koko Kara cut - 151205 V6 LIVE TOUR 2015 WOWOW Before Broadcast SP

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minna genki??? so yesterday finally I have free day and subbed this :3

Some of you maybe think "what/who is heike-ha?" So, Heike-ha was a Johnny's Jr. group.
To put it simple, they ysed to be Hikaru Genji's backdancer and they reunited in 2008.
The current members are from TOKIO (Joshima Shigeru, Yamaguchi Tatsuya, Kokubun Taichi) and V6 (Sakamoto Masayuki, Nagano Hiroshi, Inohara Yoshihiko)
more explanation about heike-ha here
And this gradution song is cut from SCP for graduation for Taichi-kun as SCP's host
note: graduation originally hikaru genji's song and the one heika-ha sang was arranged

lyric translations: Haru & [ profile] j_sei
timing & typesetting: me

MEGA 61.6 mb

no-reupload on any streaming sites!
and beware of their awsome voice!!!!! XDD

Thanks, and I just heard this morning news about the Paris attacks, anyone in my f-list live in Paris? How are you? I hope you are okay and this incident won't happen again u_u #PrayforParis

have a good day everyone~ :)
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yo minna konbanwa~!
omg i have posts in consecutive 3 days! my records!!!!!
but today post is seriously no random post XD

finally we reach on 5th ans 6th mission!!!! with mama and kenchan :3

-please do not repost, reupload, share the link, or make profit from this anywhere-

translation: [ profile] shikashitsuji
timing/typesetting/encoding: me
Yayy thanks to awesome shika who just update and give her time to translate this! x3
finally 4 missions left for SUPER Very best album A version. Inocchi's, Okadacchi's and 2 group missions :D

comment are pleased. thanks!!!
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