Hello minna~ I'm back again with this two Daylight performances!!!
You know Daylight is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! The song, the dance, everything! >3<
Especially the camera angle. They are SO PERFECT! Bless for the camerameb because they are genius and make Arashi more more more awesome and handsome of course

Well... actually I wanna make this post after I'm done for I seek performance on shiyagare tonight. but I don't think I can upload tonight so, I will add and update for I seek perf on shiyagare later ;)
Update I seek perf on Shiyagare here!

ok then just go with the performances

[2015.05.19] VS Arashi - Daylight

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[2015.05.20] Music Station - Daylight

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as usual, Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!

love this so much! the angle so perfect and otp look so great together!!!!

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Ohayou gozaimasu! So yesterday before I sleep I was done subbing this and upload. Upload this after i wake up before I forget it
*even I'm surprise I can wake up SO early in weekend x_x

I seek @ Music Station 2016.05.13

raw KnH
lyric/translation [ profile] yarukizero
timing/typeset me
video resolution 1280 x 720
video size 115mb

Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!


Edit: I seek @ Shiyagare 2016.05.21

raw KnH
lyric/translation [ profile] yarukizero
timing/typeset me
video resolution 1280 x 720
video size 105mb


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Minna konnichiwa~ long time no see :3
actually I finally had a bit free time for lacking since yesterday. So I did reupload this episode on better quality *maybe because I only have one raw source*, I also changed the font and tidy up a little. I already deleted the old link.

If anyone want to re-download or not have this episode yet, you can go to this post. I will open for public in a week! Thanks :D
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28 February 2016 @ 02:47 am
yo! almost 3AM here can't sleep because i had too much sleep this afternoon lol
this fukkatsu love last performance this week! i've subbed the music station ver. too on my previous post.
i won't subbed vsa version because i think much of you already have.
no karaoke effect too because also lazy~
if yesterday nino was the one who got my spot. now is J!!!! so handsome and i love this hair

GO! )
force myself to sleep now. oyasumi~
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konbanwa~ sharing if anyone not watching yet the music station version :)
no karaoke efect because i'm too lazy
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Enjoy~ Happy weekend!
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30 December 2015 @ 09:36 pm
konbanwa~ :3
getting excited for miyagi blast because this concert is cute, cool, and awesome!!! sasuga arashi
and i can't help myself for not subbing ohchan's solo, yess ohchan's solo is my fave here! x3
i love Two! i know J is the most fab in here but still... i love ohchan's solo moreee hhahaha
and gomen ne nino baby. i love your solo too. but i'm melting of ohchan's voice ;__;

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27 April 2015 @ 07:47 pm
Hello~ im trying to sub the disc1~ XD
please read the note and rules before download :)
lyrics and translation by [ profile] yarukizero
editing, timing, typesetting by me

-this sub match for the raw from KnH (you can re-timing it if you have from another source)
-this sub only song part.(not inculding the greeting or any talk part)
-no karaoke effect
-download and install the font first before using this sub (i already include it in rar file) :)

-please do not repost, reupload, repost sub or the download link anywhere.
-please do not remove the credit if you gonna using this sub
-enjoy~ happy watching! :D

get the sub here
comments are pleased
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18 April 2015 @ 07:02 am
hello~! this is my first time i do subbing!*and it's very hard ne~* lol :3

here's my sub for Season in Arashi BLAST in Hawaii concert.
i start trying to sub this part because it's too emotional. and members really holding their tears oh :')

lyrics & translation: yarukizero
timing & typesetting: me

download here!
*please don't re-upload and re-post anywhere!*
coment if you taking
arigatou gozaimasu~
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25 March 2015 @ 07:57 pm
this is my matsumiya iove cycle imagination.

including my pervert imagination. i read nc too mach lately. sigh. >///////<

anyway anyone still doesnt get what these mean? XDD
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13 April 2014 @ 10:35 am
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