hi again! i'm here now with Japonism Arena! :D
i'm sorry i don't know if i gonna sub the solos. plus i so pissed of with camera angle in nino's solo ugh ;__; even i have the one which doesn't have japanese sub but still NINO IS SO SMOL WHY
seriously i'm in love with Japonism Arena! this not change my fave concert tho but this concert really really shows you this is ARASHI who has the awesome members and staffs! so high quality concert!
and the feels when they open with Tadaima and the photos! ;A; i also love the introduction anime video! thank you so much A-1 pictures~ ah i still hope a series or anime movie of them lol

i did subbing 7 songs! based on my fave and feelings lol. some are same with my previous japo concert i was subbing but i love the concept more in this :D
download under the cut!

Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!
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hello everyone~!!! how are you??? are you happy???
it been long time after my last post. real life taking me from fandom lol. actually i was taking break from arashi fandom maybe already 2 or 3 months? i don't watch their bangumis either, just know the news because it in my twitter timeline and my tumblr dash.
right now i'm back to my root aka glued in anime and manga series again :3
but are you happy is out then here i am xD yea yea finally are you happy dvd released! and here i am, i did subbing 5 songs from the concert :D
actually i wanna sub A Day in Our Life too*BECAUSE MATSUMIYA* but making kara-time for A Day is so hard and i'm so lazy u_u
oh anyway i still dunno should i subbing the solos too? im not sure tho if i can do fast lol. is anyone here wanna the sub version of their solos?

anyway, Download under the cut! :D
i personally love Miles Away so much!!! their voice just... aaaahhh <3
Please do not reupload and share hotlinks anywhere
ps: to anyone who commented in my intro post and waiting please bear with it >< don't worry i will reply you later!
hope this post can make you happy~ Jaa~~ *back to my ugly real life

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hi again! since seem some ppl want solo cut too, here i subbed for their solos on Japonism tour. ENJOY!

solos )
wassup guys! japonism fever noowww! wohoooo~
hello guys. had you watch japonism already???!!!! seriously this concert is AWESOME!!!
really worth waiting after waitng more than half a year x_x no performances that i dont like. i love them all! <3
and here I drop to sub 5 songs from japonism. these not my faves because i can't decided which my favorite XD
but i think these 5 songs have cute or amazing performances! Enjoy~~~~


my fave song on japonism is make a wish. but in this tour i love bolero because matsumiya! hahahaha! plus i reaaallyy looovee nino high notes on bolero <3
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27 April 2015 @ 07:47 pm
Hello~ im trying to sub the disc1~ XD
please read the note and rules before download :)
lyrics and translation by [ profile] yarukizero
editing, timing, typesetting by me

-this sub match for the raw from KnH (you can re-timing it if you have from another source)
-this sub only song part.(not inculding the greeting or any talk part)
-no karaoke effect
-download and install the font first before using this sub (i already include it in rar file) :)

-please do not repost, reupload, repost sub or the download link anywhere.
-please do not remove the credit if you gonna using this sub
-enjoy~ happy watching! :D

get the sub here
comments are pleased
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18 April 2015 @ 07:02 am
hello~! this is my first time i do subbing!*and it's very hard ne~* lol :3

here's my sub for Season in Arashi BLAST in Hawaii concert.
i start trying to sub this part because it's too emotional. and members really holding their tears oh :')

lyrics & translation: yarukizero
timing & typesetting: me

download here!
*please don't re-upload and re-post anywhere!*
coment if you taking
arigatou gozaimasu~
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