13 October 2015 @ 07:36 pm
hello welcome to my dreamwidth! i'm Ana :D
this blog originally come from livejournal with same username :D like you know i start importing my posts here since livejournal move thei server to russia.
this blog will contain whatever i wanna post and i wanna upload :D basically i will upload johnny's videos cut!
but not all groups since my main area Arashi and V6! but i love TOKIO and Kinki Kids too so prolly i will upload their videos too.

sometimes, i also do subbing as timer and typsetter. so if anyone need help please ask me :D but i'm not a translalor lol
the subbing works that i done will put on masterpost bellow

masterpost )

if you want me to add you back please add me to you circle and grant me to access your post or subscribe me then let me know about you a little in this post. I will added back dreamwidth account only now
sorry and thanks for understanding! :D
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