30 July 2015 @ 08:05 am
Ohayou gozaimasuuuu~~~!

Hello I just wanna share my happiness for you x3
since I cant share pv for you i just share the mp3 rip the new songs from V6 SUPER Very best album

here you can download :3
Wait for You: mega
~Koko Kara~: mega

Anyway maybe this is the my 1st post the thing V6-related ne~ *except the VSA sp before*
But yeaahh here I am! I also V6 fans! >oI already know them before arashi actually but I don't know they're also in JE until i know Arashi and V6 is their senpai hehe
I ljust love their music and their PVs until i enter the fandom from this early year.
So you can say i just newbie in V6 fandom hoho

so yoroshiku and thanks! enjoy the songs~ :)
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