04 January 2017 @ 05:36 pm
to be honest i'm not really understand about this. but since livejournal now moving to russian server, said it will not really safe again to us. i myself also don't know how strict the russian government about the content should be post. but i just aware myself if suddenly i can't open my journal then suddenly find error 404 and lost everything. since i really don't know please search and read yourself on internet about this.

so now i'm importing my journal posts to dreamdwidth. you can see on nihonarashi @ dw here. but please note i do this now for backing up my posts only. i still update post in here. and i stil don't know if i should crosspost on dw or vice versa. i will fix the masterpost links on dreamdwith later.
you don't need to add me there on dw now but if you want you can add me on with your livejournal or openID account :D just leave comment on introduction post @ my dreamwidth. thanks! :D
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22 August 2015 @ 10:41 am
hello dear~ hisashiburiiii
anoo actually i have request. it's okay actually if no one interest hehe
since i love V6 and love inocchi, actually so many new bangumis featuring them. but since lack of subbing community for V6 nowdays i watched them raw and only understand a little.

i have a request is anyone willing to do translation for Shabekuri 007 featuring inocchi as the guest?
you don't need do timing or typesetting. i really glad if you will do translation for me.
i will do timing and of course will credit you! XD

i choose this not bc inocchi only but i Shabekuri is also one of my favorite bangumi ><
this episode really2 omoshiroii. esp if you really want to know abt the past stories

here some caps for shabekuri ft. inocchi
inoccho daisuki desuuu! )
lol haha that's all a little about this shabekuri episode
you will enjoy it if you V6 and arashi fans

if anyone willing to do translation pls tell me okay ;)
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