Yo minna~! So today I'll talk about my another interest (read: anime) here
Since this journal is more focus on Johnny's so I will tell you an Anime about Idol. Yes, Johnny's are Idol, right? (◡≦)
So, what anime? I already know this anime since half of this year when they just start the promotion and so excited when it started airing since 3 weeks ago!
The anime that I recomended here is...this....

High School Star Musical a.k.a STARMYU (スタミュ )

(genres: musical, school, idol, friendship*heckyeahiwantmorethanthis/kicked)

Basically this anime is about musical and idol. The setting is in Ayanagi Gakuen, prestegious school of music. This school has Music Departement and Kao Council is the one who hold the responsiblity, especially for Star Team.

The main reason I was really looking forward for this anime is BOYS, IKEMEN, BISHOUNEN! and PLUS! NO GIRLS!
YES NO GIRLS. Not like in Utapuri who the main boys characters are trying to impress and support the girl, STARMYU has no girls until now except Nayuki's lil sisters appeared in seconds at first episode.
and before I talk more about starmyu, I want you to see their PV. YES THEY HAVE PV and I love it so much!!!!! Awesome right?
☆☆EIENSTAGE☆☆ by Team Otori

Ok girls, have you watch it? What are you thinking? You see something familiar? Hey Johnny's fans you noticed something right? ( ̄▽ ̄)
Let's talk more about this anime now based on my impression hahaha! I maybe subjective with this review ;)

Ok let me say the truth. When I see this PV as their promo I immediately think of ARASHI! Oh please Arashians won't deny that.
As me as Arashian who loves anime too, I'm totally too excited for this. How can?
PLUS when I see this news post, it written "Tadako (Arashi's "Love so Sweet" and "Monster") is responsible for the dance sequences"
And I was like "oh no even their choreographer both same! it makes me think this anime really has Arashi feels uh"

Team Otori's first practice together. OH GOD CAN YOU SEE THEIR COLORS?

Beside the dance, I also love their musics! The musics here are really give me "Idol-like" songs.
Maybe if you are not used into Idol, then you suddenly see they dance and sing you must be feel weird with this anime. Instead they sing in group, they also have Solo's song for each member (currently 3/5 All of Team Otori member's solos already revealed).
Now i really into their music
(ノ´з`)ノ I really love the PV song and OP song "DREAMER by Gero

Ok, then talk a bit about the characters! I only talk about the 5 from Team Otori here :3 because they are the main focus here.

Team Otori, one of Star Team in Ayanagi Gakuen led by Otori Itsuki (3rd Grade, Kao Council)
As long I know, there were 2 Star Teams led by Hiragi and Otori. Each team has 5 members.
The members of Team Otori are Hoshitani Yuta, Nayuki Tooru, Tengenji Kakeru, Tsukigami Kaito, and Kuga Shuu.

Hoshitani Yuta

Color: Green

Roomate: Nayuki Tooru

He's the main character here. Actually plain looking boy, overly positive, kind, and very friendly. He has bright presence. He loves helping people and hardly to give up!
*He was so Aiba-like for me except his dsilike to cat!*

Nayuki Tooru

Color: Yellow

Roomate: Hoshitani Yuta
Nayuki is very cute looking boy!Kind, soft, and fragile!Hoshitani is his first friend in Ayanagi Gakuen, also classmate and roomate. He has shy trait and always nervous in stage but in the first practice he showed his good act. He loves cooking and has two lilsis named Nayuki Yuuki and Tsumugi
*to put it simple he is totally super UKE! like Nino minus his snarky character lol*

Tengenji Kakeru

Color: Red

Roomate: Tavian (cat)
An Elite from nobel family. He's a famous young Kabuki actor. He looks down everyone who had lower status than him. He's actually a honest person since he usually just burst out if anyone or anything displeased him. And he's surprisingly loves cat very much and hidden it from anyone!
*if you expected what similarity with Sho, probably he is from Elite family*

Tsukigami Kaito

Color: Blue

Roomate: Kuga Shuu
I still don't know much about him. But, seems he had issue with his older brother, Tsukigami Haruto who is famous Idol/singer too. He often seen to had cold war with Tengenji. Except that he got SS for the audition scores. His father is a famous theater director and his mother is actress who represents Japan.
*definitely different from Ohchan! LOL but his voice is SO GOOD*

Kuga Shuu

Color: Purple

Roomate: Tsukigami Kaito
Totally clueless with his personality. Seems a mysterious person. He has a big motorcycle and also do part time job. He has a good friend in Hiragi Team
*since still clueless of his character, still dunno the similarity with J, but his body and face features totally J!*

Actually today episode 4 aired alrady! Gonna wait the sub download it! XD

Oh man, I really curious about this anime. I'm not so into Musical anime so much actualy. but but but but..... nah I love this anime so much already.

anyway [ profile] eurovisionstorm this post is the answer of your message! why I uploaded new ava? because of this hahha. I'm so sorry I can't reply your message because it said about your privacy setting >_<

OH GOD! This post totally my longest post until now! \(º □ º l|l)/
So, have you think to try to watch this anime? HAHAHA
Anyway, If you want to know more and in objective way please read in starmyu-wiki !

SOME EDIT because I just watch episode 4!
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