22 August 2015 @ 10:41 am
hello dear~ hisashiburiiii
anoo actually i have request. it's okay actually if no one interest hehe
since i love V6 and love inocchi, actually so many new bangumis featuring them. but since lack of subbing community for V6 nowdays i watched them raw and only understand a little.

i have a request is anyone willing to do translation for Shabekuri 007 featuring inocchi as the guest?
you don't need do timing or typesetting. i really glad if you will do translation for me.
i will do timing and of course will credit you! XD

i choose this not bc inocchi only but i Shabekuri is also one of my favorite bangumi ><
this episode really2 omoshiroii. esp if you really want to know abt the past stories

here some caps for shabekuri ft. inocchi
inoccho daisuki desuuu! )
lol haha that's all a little about this shabekuri episode
you will enjoy it if you V6 and arashi fans

if anyone willing to do translation pls tell me okay ;)
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