13 October 2015 @ 07:36 pm
hello welcome to my dreamwidth! i'm Ana :D
this blog originally come from livejournal with same username :D like you know i start importing my posts here since livejournal move thei server to russia.
this blog will contain whatever i wanna post and i wanna upload :D basically i will upload johnny's videos cut!
but not all groups since my main area Arashi and V6! but i love TOKIO and Kinki Kids too so prolly i will upload their videos too.

sometimes, i also do subbing as timer and typsetter. so if anyone need help please ask me :D but i'm not a translalor lol
the subbing works that i done will put on masterpost bellow

masterpost )

if you want me to add you back please add me to you circle and grant me to access your post or subscribe me then let me know about you a little in this post. I will added back dreamwidth account only now
sorry and thanks for understanding! :D
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hi guys~ i'm here helping my friend :D
anyone wanna go to wwg this year?
if yes my friend's friend sells wwg ticket and my friend need one person again for buy the tix together :D
anyway the ticket is for the show on Saturday, July 8th on Tokyo dome venue :)
i dont know about the price, seat, or else. you can ask on her lj arashi_ni or her dw risa_94
thank you so much!!! *ugh hope i have much money so i can go to japan and go to any arashi event ;_;*
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hi again! i'm here now with Japonism Arena! :D
i'm sorry i don't know if i gonna sub the solos. plus i so pissed of with camera angle in nino's solo ugh ;__; even i have the one which doesn't have japanese sub but still NINO IS SO SMOL WHY
seriously i'm in love with Japonism Arena! this not change my fave concert tho but this concert really really shows you this is ARASHI who has the awesome members and staffs! so high quality concert!
and the feels when they open with Tadaima and the photos! ;A; i also love the introduction anime video! thank you so much A-1 pictures~ ah i still hope a series or anime movie of them lol

i did subbing 7 songs! based on my fave and feelings lol. some are same with my previous japo concert i was subbing but i love the concept more in this :D
download under the cut!

Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!
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hello everyone~!!! how are you??? are you happy???
it been long time after my last post. real life taking me from fandom lol. actually i was taking break from arashi fandom maybe already 2 or 3 months? i don't watch their bangumis either, just know the news because it in my twitter timeline and my tumblr dash.
right now i'm back to my root aka glued in anime and manga series again :3
but are you happy is out then here i am xD yea yea finally are you happy dvd released! and here i am, i did subbing 5 songs from the concert :D
actually i wanna sub A Day in Our Life too*BECAUSE MATSUMIYA* but making kara-time for A Day is so hard and i'm so lazy u_u
oh anyway i still dunno should i subbing the solos too? im not sure tho if i can do fast lol. is anyone here wanna the sub version of their solos?

anyway, Download under the cut! :D
i personally love Miles Away so much!!! their voice just... aaaahhh <3
Please do not reupload and share hotlinks anywhere
ps: to anyone who commented in my intro post and waiting please bear with it >< don't worry i will reply you later!
hope this post can make you happy~ Jaa~~ *back to my ugly real life

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04 January 2017 @ 05:36 pm
to be honest i'm not really understand about this. but since livejournal now moving to russian server, said it will not really safe again to us. i myself also don't know how strict the russian government about the content should be post. but i just aware myself if suddenly i can't open my journal then suddenly find error 404 and lost everything. since i really don't know please search and read yourself on internet about this.

so now i'm importing my journal posts to dreamdwidth. you can see on nihonarashi @ dw here. but please note i do this now for backing up my posts only. i still update post in here. and i stil don't know if i should crosspost on dw or vice versa. i will fix the masterpost links on dreamdwith later.
you don't need to add me there on dw now but if you want you can add me on with your livejournal or openID account :D just leave comment on introduction post @ my dreamwidth. thanks! :D
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Hello my friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!
im still upset about the kohaku result tho, but Aiba really works so hard and he is awesome host! otsukaresama Aiba-chan!
anyway if you still confused why White Team lost event they win the voting, you can read here on my tumblr *shameless pr lol*

im here uploading all my favorites :D i will upload V6 and Kinki Kids cut later *and maybe YUZU too ALL DONE
all download links under the cut!
update Kinki Kids, V6, and YUZU cut performaces!
note: these are not include talk part. all links under the cut
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Please do not reupload and share the hotlinks anywhere!
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Yo! sharing yesterday Music Station Super Live for TOKIO and Arashi perfs! because sharing is caring <3
just to the point!
Plese do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere! Thanks and Enjoy!

also, merry christmas and happy birthday our shunshine and miracle boy Aiba-chan! :D
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sharing my favorite groups perfomances on latest FNS! :D
all links under the cut

FNS!!! )

Please do not reupload and share hotlink anywhere!
Thanks and enjoy!
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Yo! past 1 AM here. can't sleep and just done upload the arashi performances :D
only performances. no talking part. enjoy! :)

BLESS ARAHIPS! links under the cut

Best Artist )

Please do not reupload and share the hotlinks anywhere!
okay enjoy the performances!

hi hi! anyway actually i also gonna upload Power of of the Paradise & Don't You Get It PV too (with karaoke sub. res 1280x720)!
i will upload in our community [ profile] storm_freaks ! so if anyone not join yet you can join here and it's very easy :D SF is fun communities because we are not only uploading and sharing news but we also doing disscusion anything about arashi so you can made much new arashian friends there! :3
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24 November 2016 @ 09:14 pm
Hi everyone! I'm here just for fun! :D
Just wanna share little happiness here~ since we know NTV Best Artist 2016 will air on 2016.11.29. And yes V6 will perform too!
You can visit the web here for more info and here for Johnny's groups who also join Best Artist

As usual Johnny's will do medley. And this year they will perform Johnny's Drama Song Medley! And it announced V6 will sing "Feel Your Breeze" theme song for drama "Gokusen"
And since Feel Your Breeze also my favorites, I decided to share my happiness too in here :3 I subbed this PV but not with karaoke effect because I share this just for fun! :D

download under the cut )
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Hello! I upload yesterday Arashi's perfs yesterday! THEY ARE SOOO AWESOME!!!
heck I really love Are You Happy choreo! best arashi performance on music station for this year!
go get the link below~


what do you think? Are You Happy????? XD
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